Vacation to Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons - Day 11 Lake Yellowstone Hotel

June 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Our final night in Yellowstone was spent at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. The images in the below slide show were taken between our departure from Mammoth Hotel until we left the park headed to the Grand Tetons the following day. We saw a black bear with 3 cubs but since bears were included in yesterday’s Blog, no bears today. As we were cresting Mount Washburn (Elev 10,243') about 06:50 am, a fox with his/her breakfast was running parallel to the car; I had my camera in my lap and was able to capture the fox's image without driving off the road! Annie & I hiked down a path about a mile to the 'Brink of the Lower Falls'. What a view!! I thought we went back up the same way we came down but I swear it was 3 miles back up and the escalator was not working. There is not a square inch of Yellowstone that is below 5,282' and we were considerably higher than that; it was quite a hike returning to our car.  Annie found an occupied Osprey Nest that was somewhat down into the canyon at Grand View on the North Rim Drive (of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone river). A tour guide in the area told us the bird was sitting on 3 eggs. She stated she watched (with her spotting scope) the previous day as the parent turned the 3 eggs over. We then went to the Brink of the Upper Falls. The Yellowstone Lake Hotel was the nicest of the three park hotels that we stayed in. Restaurant menus were all pretty much the same at all the hotels as they are run by Xanterra. We left the following morning about 06:00 am and once again it was foggy which presented the opportunity for some great landscape photos and an image of a beaver out for his/her morning swim. We also captures some foggy pictures in West Geyser Basin. We did not see Bigfoot!

Stay tuned for more . . . Tomorrow I will cover our 3 days in the Grand Tetons where we had an absolutely fabulous time . . . . 


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