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Top of the Rock Museum (2018)

June 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My wife and I recently returned from a 4-day trip to South-Central Missouri . . . specifically, Branson and points south. One of the attractions was Top of the Rock, a Johnny Morris production South of Branson. We have been there before and you can
click here to see those images; we had a great time but didn’t see everything that was offered. One of those two things which we did see this time was the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum. Once you get to the Top of the Rock you can use the $10 entrance fee (credit) and apply it to the adult entrance fee of $12 + tax. We were both amazed at both the size of the museum and the number of quality exhibit housed therein. The museum has a time-line which begins in the pre-historic era up to and including Roy Rogers and Dale Evens. For more information on the site, check out their web site at http://www.topoftherock.com/attractions/natural-history-museum-en.html.  Don’t just go to the Top of the Rock and sit on the patio overlooking Table Rock Lake with your favorite beverage, go to the museum, you won’t regret it. The below 30 photos will give you a snap shot of a small portion of the contents in the museum; these are works of art of other artists, consequently I will not share the images beyond this post. Thanks for taking the time to view this post.



House on the Rock

May 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A few years ago Annie and I visited Spring Green, WI. This is the home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s summer home and architectural school known as Taliesin East. It is also the home of the House on the Rock; ‘a complex of architecturally distinct rooms, streets, gardens and shops designed by Alex Jordan Jr.’ This Blog and photo display is focused on the House on the Rock. If you have not visited this attraction and are going to be in the area, you may want to consider advanced reservations and plan for an entire day as there is much to see. They also have lodging available. The House on the Rock is reported to draw more visitors per year than any other spot in Wisconsin. This is not just a house; it’s a museum of both original items and replicas. There is almost anything you can think of in this house including a huge, working, merry-go-round. Check it out!


Crossing the Divide Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


McKee Botanical Gardens

February 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A recent visit to the McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach, FL was a real surprise; the theme of the gardens is focused on the jungle with streams, ponds and trails. The gardens were in great shape and there was an amazing exhibition which displayed 24 sculptures of various types of wildlife. This exhibition was created by the Ark Collective in Nairobi, Kenya and the sculptures were handcrafted specifically for McKee. The materials used in creating the sculptures were from reclaimed materials discarded from the car industry and other sources.

If you are in the Vero Beach. FL area and have the time and inclination, this garden is worth a visit. The below photos are all from the McKee Gardens . . . .

Nevada Ghost Towns

December 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On our recent trip to Nevada, Utah and California, we managed to visit two (2) Ghost Towns in Nevada. The town of Nelson, NV is about an hour South of Las Vegas and Rhyolite, NV is on the California - Nevada border just outside of Death Valley National Park. The Ghost Town of Rhyolite was founded in 1904 and it only lasted twelve (12) years. It was one of several boom-towns from the late Gold Rush era. There were hotels, stores and a school for 250 children, but no more; just a few skelton structures and a glass bottle house.

Nelson, NV was previously known as Eldorado by the Spaniards who made the first discoveries of gold in the area.

If you are in Las Vegas and tired of gambling, noise and the traffic, you might want to consider driving South to the Ghost Town of Nelson.

Death Valley National Park

December 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We recently returned from a trip that covered parts of Nevada, Utah and California. Today’s Blog contains images from Death Valley National Park in California. This was our first trip to this park and it was not what I was expecting. However, after getting there at dawn and leaving in the late afternoon we did not get to see much of the park; it is the largest National Park in the lower 48. We arrived at Zabriskie Point at sunrise and what a sight it was! An orange sky over the multi-colored hills. Photographers were out in force. The only sand dunes we saw in the short time we were there was the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. They were impressive but not as much as the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. There is a 9-mile, one-way drive known as Artists Palette Drive. If you are in the area, this drive is certainly worth your time. Colorful hillsides abound on this drive along with short hikes if you chose. If we return to Death Valley National Park, we will find a hotel closer that Las Vegas to spend a couple nights as there is so much to see and getting up at 4 am to go to the park was not what I really wanted to do while on vacation (but it was worth it). Enjoy the images and check back for additional images in my Blog as I have time to work on the photos.