Dave Parker Photography | Vacation to Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons - Days 9 & 10 Mammoth Hotel

Vacation to Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons - Days 9 & 10 Mammoth Hotel

June 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Our 3rd and 4th nights in Yellowstone were spend in the Northern region of the park - Mammoth Hotel. This part of the journey took us East through Lamar Valley where we saw our first black bears with cubs. We were on the road at sunrise . . . about 05:45 am (as we were every morning). Early morning fog and low lying clouds painted pictures that were a joy to photograph. We exited the park briefly through the NE entrance and had a wonderful breakfast at the Log Cabin Cafe in Silver City, MT; $8 bought a full breakfast with a slice (1.5” thick) of Montana Ham. Couldn’t ask for a better breakfast. On the way back to Mammoth thru the Lamar Valley we stopped along side the road where a number of people with spotting scopes were looking into the fields about a 1/3 of a mile away. We found out there was a den containing 8 young Coyotes out playing; too far away for my big lens but we could see them with the binoculars. However, one of the people there noticed my ‘Canon’ camera. He had a spotting scope with an attachment for a Canon Camera and connected my camera to it. We got several photos but the distance was still too great to provide sharp images. These images are not included in the below slide show. We did get one photo of a coyote with my big lens which is included in the slide show. At the Calcite Springs Overlook we were able to spot Big Horn Sheep along with their newborn. They were across the canyon and quite a distance from my viewing position. While at Mammoth we also went out the North Entrance into the town of Gardiner. This entrance is were the Roosevelt Arch was constructed in 1903; Teddy Roosevelt symbolically place the cornerstone of the arch which then took his name. The top of the arch is inscribed with a quote from the ‘Organic Act of 1872', the legislation which created Yellowstone, which reads, ‘For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People’. The roadway going through the arch is now under renovation. Another exciting event witnessed (about 150’ away from our bedroom window) by my wife, Annie, during the first evening at the Mammoth Hotel, was the birth of an Elk calf. The grounds around the Mammoth Hotel were filled with Elk. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of this event as I didn’t have my camera with me; it was in the car.   :-[   

Tomorrow I will continue the Blog with dialogue and photos from our trip from Mammoth Hotel to Lake Yellowstone Hotel where we spent our last night in Yellowstone before heading off to the Grand Tetons National Park.


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