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July 06, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hope everyone had a spectacular 4th of July weekend . . . we did. Now that we are back from our Yellowstone/Grand Tetons trip, I had to find something to photograph around the house. It wasn't too difficult. The yard has been filled with flowers, Cicadas and birds. About 3 years ago we put up an Audubon Blue Bird house in the back yard after spotting a Eastern Blue Bird coming thru in the spring. For the next 2 years the Blue Birds explored the bird house but never stayed. This year, however, we have a family that stayed and is now working on their 2nd brood for the summer. We were on the Yellowstone trip when the 1st brood hatched and the photos of the young Blue Birds were all from the 1st brood. We are now awaiting the hatching of the eggs . . .

The Blue Bird house is about 60' from our sunroom and we have an excellent vantage point to view the activities of the family . . . 



Great pics! The colors are amazing, so vibrant
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