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Nevada Ghost Towns

December 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On our recent trip to Nevada, Utah and California, we managed to visit two (2) Ghost Towns in Nevada. The town of Nelson, NV is about an hour South of Las Vegas and Rhyolite, NV is on the California - Nevada border just outside of Death Valley National Park. The Ghost Town of Rhyolite was founded in 1904 and it only lasted twelve (12) years. It was one of several boom-towns from the late Gold Rush era. There were hotels, stores and a school for 250 children, but no more; just a few skelton structures and a glass bottle house.

Nelson, NV was previously known as Eldorado by the Spaniards who made the first discoveries of gold in the area.

If you are in Las Vegas and tired of gambling, noise and the traffic, you might want to consider driving South to the Ghost Town of Nelson.


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