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Dale Chihuly & the Museum of Glass

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A recent trip to the Pacific NW found us spending a day in Tacoma, WA . . . an old stomping ground from an earlier life experience. The city looked nothing like it did 45 years ago and we began our exploration of the city just North of the University of Washington at the old Union Station which is now is the home of the US Courthouse - Western District of Washington. The Courthouse was exhibiting some of Dale Chihuly's art and adjacent to the Courthouse is the Bridge of Glass which goes over I-705. A local web page noted, For glass art fans and Dale Chihuly fans in particular, the bridge might just be a highlight for all of Western Washington. No ordinary bridge, the Bridge of Glass is a footbridge that connects downtown Tacoma to the Thea Foss Waterway. All across the bridge are works of art by glass artist Dale Chihuly. It's most known for its two towering blue spires, but there's far more to see than the towers. The bridge functions essentially as an open-air art museum . . .  and a free one, at that. Once across the bridge you find yourself at the Museum of Glass which is also fascinating. Some of the images captured at the above locations are found in the slideshow, below . . . 


Please be aware that the Dale Chihuly art and other art displayed is copyrighted and cannot be sold. Therefore, neither copies of the images or downloads can be obtained. Please just enjoy the beautiful art of the artist.



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